Founded in 2009 by Arié Moyal, HugTrain's mission is to offer a different perspective on the world and reduce social isolation by distributing and facilitating the exchange of hugs and peer-to-peer support by using technology to connect with people online and offline. This year, the 7th annual HugTour will crisscross North America from December 13, 2015 to January 7, 2016 raising spirits one hug at a time!

How you can help HugTrainUSA this year

Hi all!

This is the second morning of HugTrainUSA and I’m raring to go for another day! From New Orleans, I head to Chicago with an extended stop in Memphis, TN (Central Station, 545 South Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103) tonight at 10 PM for 40 minutes!

I need your help this year and I would love for you to be part of making HugTrain the best it’s ever been I would really appreciate your help this year in the following ways:

Please help me find people to hug, share the itinerary with your networks & spread the word!

Also, because the money I personally had saved up has been loaned to a friend in need, I also need help with:


San Francisco on 30th and 31st December (walking distance to an Orthodox synagogue please)

Chicago on 4th January

Washington, DC on 6th January (walking distance to an Orthodox synagogue please)

Miami on 9th and 10th January

Meals for every day of the trip (including today!) – I’m not picky but I don’t eat meat 😉

Intracity travel: Taxis and/or public transit services to help get me to/from events, accomodations and the train station!

As you can see from the content we post on the blog and across social networks, we are very happy to help you in return! 🙂

So, if you believe in our mission, please help!

How to reach me:

Call or text: 631-517-0672 or e-mail arie AT

(I may not always be reachable as trains travel in rural areas but I will get back to you ASAP!)

As for today, I’ll be at the Amtrak station in the Union Passenger Terminal at 1001 Loyola Avenue from noon until the train boards (around 1:30 PM) giving out hugs…

This is what I look like:

How to identify HugTrainUSA's hugmaster


I look forward to hearing from you! *HUGS*


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