Founded in 2009 by Arié Moyal, HugTrain's mission is to offer a different perspective on the world and reduce social isolation by distributing and facilitating the exchange of hugs and peer-to-peer support by using technology to connect with people online and offline. This year, the 7th annual HugTour will crisscross North America from December 13, 2015 to January 7, 2016 raising spirits one hug at a time!


Here is the tentative itinerary for #HugTrain8  (2016-2017):


Nov 22:             Depart from Montreal
–                          Layover in Toronto
Nov 24:            Arrive in Winnipeg at 8 AM
Nov 25 & 26:  Full days in Winnipeg
Nov 27:            Depart Winnipeg at 10:30 PM
Nov 29:            Layover in Toronto
–                         Arrive in Ottawa
Nov 30:           Depart Ottawa
Dec 1:              Arrive in Quebec City
Dec 2 & 3:      Full days in Quebec City
Dec 4:             Depart Quebec City  (Ste Foy)
Dec 5:             Stop in Moncton, NB
–                      Arrive in Halifax
Dec 6:            Full day in Halifax
Dec 7:            Depart Halifax
–                      Stop in Moncton, NB
Dec 8:           Arrive Montreal



Dec 25:                                  Xmas Morning Hugs in Philadelphia
–                    Depart Philadelphia
–                    Layover in Pittsburgh
Dec 26:       Layover in Chicago
Dec 27:       Arrive in Denver
Dec 28:      Depart Denver
Dec 29:      Arrive in San Francisco (Richmond)
Dec 30:      Full day in San Francisco

Dec 31:              Meet at the Golden Gate Bridge for fireworks and hugs at 11:30 PM

Jan 1:         Depart from Emeryville, CA
Jan 2:        Arrive Portland (overnight in Portland or Seattle – help us decide!)
Jan 3:        Depart Seattle
Jan 5:        Arrive in Chicago
Jan 6:        Depart Chicago
–                 Arrive in Detroit
Jan 7:        Full day in Detroit
Jan 8:       Depart Detroit
–                 Arrive in Montreal via Windsor and Toronto

Get in touch and let us know if you’ll be meeting up along the route or riding along!